151: It’s Not the 27th Yet!

In this week’s episode we start with one last piece to Brad’s trip report and discuss the Tree of Life Awakenings projection show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. After that we talk about the audio-animatronic suspended in liquid in the new Flights of Passage queue. Is it really suspended in liquid or is something holding it up? Is there even liquid in the tube? These are the questions that keep us awake at night! As more previews of Pandora have happened we haven’t just seen the queues, we’re also seeing more about the land itself. And one of the things Pandora includes is a test seat for wheelchair guests to practice transferring. We discuss some possible issues with the verbiage of the sign next to it and what the reasoning behind it may be. Finally, even though we recorded before May 27th, Jeremy just had to talk about Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. We talk about some of the preview videos released from the queue and the Rocket Raccoon AA along with watching what was, at recording, one of the first ride-through video posted of the ride itself.

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