In this week’s episode:

Minnie van service has been extended to the Wilderness Lodge. What resorts can we expect to see added next and how might this service change in the future?

Disney has released more information about Grand Avenue. We discuss what this new land means for Muppets and how the heck it fits in with the rest of DHS.

Disney has ended their Express Bus service experiment. How did it go on for so long and what does that mean for the future of transportation at WDW?

A new magicband is being released for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party that glows in the dark and comes in a box that smells like chocolate. We somehow end up more entranced with the new Hocus Pocus magicband though.

Hong Kong Disneyland will be closing Astro Blasters to make way for a new Marvel-themed shooter. We talk about why we likely won’t see something like that stateside (at least on the west coast) thanks to weird contracts.

The Festival of Fantasy parade is being moved to 2pm for the remainder of the year. What time is the 3 o’clock parade? 2pm!

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In this week’s episode:

Jeremy and his wife are expecting a kid in October – Congratulations on the upcoming bundle of joy and mourning for uncertainty on when they’ll be able to visit the parks again in the near future.

Grand Avenue is coming to DHS – Announced as part of an announcement about an upcoming pub, a new area will exist where Streets of America once was. We discuss why this area would exist and how it might work as part of the park theme and flow.

Pixar Pier updates – We’ve seen the concept art image of the new Pixar Pier but micechat has some more info on what is coming next. Jeremy wants to know what the theme will be for the fun wheel will be (Brad suggests the Tokyo DisneySea Toy Story Midway Mania Woody entrance) and we now know we were on point with our Dash California Screamin’ retheme!

Minnie vans will be ordered using Lyft – did a great write-up on the new Minnie van ordering using the Lyft app. Why another app? Great question!

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In this week’s episode we try to do more than follow-up and are, somewhat, successful.

Disney has officially announced the reopening date for Mission: Space as August 13th. They have also provided some more details about the new green mission.

Thanks to a trip report from we now know the answer on whether or not we’ll need to tip when we take a ride in the Minnie vans! We also get some more details on some differences between the new service and other services like Lyft.

Brad has finally watched Potatoland and it is time to see if his feelings on the new style for Mickey shorts has changed (we also talk about Ku’u Lei Melody and Canned).

With follow-up behind us we are finally free to discuss a rumor that the Lights of Winter could be returning to Epcot in 2017.

We also briefly discuss Brad’s neverending dream that the Osborne Lights (or something like it) could make a return.

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Though we could’ve sworn we covered D23 last episode, this episode we fill in some bits we managed to leave out last time.

Jeremy thinks the skyliner vehicles look a lot like the old skyway vehicles. We discuss what we think the ride vehicle size might be and how the transportation between locations might be handled.

Minnie vans are now in the wild. We follow up with some definite details on pricing, some other comparisons with alternate options, and a discussion on tipping.

The new mission for Mission: Space has a timeline! Disney has reported that it will be opening in August though others have seen evidence that the opening could be delayed until October. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? What the heck could it mean?

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No normal episode could contain all the park news coming out of D23 so, instead, we went with a mega episode!

We start off with followup on the Pirates auction scene now that video of the scene is available along with a translation of the dialogue.

We now know the new name for the Star Wars land coming to Anaheim and Orlando, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Will we ever remember to call it that or will we settle on Star Wars land? Also, Rex is now a DJ?!?

The Great Movie Ride will be closing on August 13th and it will be replaced by a new attraction, Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway! We discuss the quick shutdown of the Great Movie Ride and what we expect the new attraction to be like based on the blog post and the news that has come out so far.

Ratatouille for Epcot has now been officially confirmed! We discuss our feelings on the new attraction in the World showcase and the expanded France pavilion shown in the concept art.

The China pavilion will be receiving a new, seamless Circle Vision film. No date was announced for the new film but we’re excited to see more country-focused World Showcase updates!

The long-rumored replacement of Ellen’s Energy Adventure by a new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction is finally official. We talk Disney’s reasoning for the attraction existing in Future World and how long Brad will be able to keep from complaining about it!

Changes are coming to Mission: Space in a new mission for the green version and a space-themed table restaurant next door. We talk about the possibilities with a new mission being added and where the new restaurant might end up.

Disney also announced a major Future World redesign is coming which appears to involve, among many other things, removing Innoventions. As the place where Brad worked during his college program, he is sad to see that go but we talk what this could mean for the big picture.

The Tron coaster from Hong Kong Disneyland is coming to Magic Kingdom! It will sit next to Space Mountain and will not cause the removal of the Tomorrowland Speedway as some people were guessing. We talk about how this will change the MK skyline and how the new attraction might affect crowd flow.

Two new hotels were announced for Walt Disney World: the new Riviera Resort, which will be a DVC resort; and an unnamed Star Wars resort. The Star Wars resort will be a new type of resort for Disney that will include immersive story-telling as part of the experience. What will this type of immersion look like, will we ever be able to afford a visit?!?

Continuing in the line of rumors being confirmed, the gondola project is now a confirmed project and will be called Disney Skyliner. We now know more about the general style for the “vehicles” and have seen confirmation of the initial routes. Will you have to get off at every stop? Will it ever be expanded? We may not have answers but we can definitely guess!

Not only content to expand transportation options in the sky, Disney also announced a new point-to-point transportation option called “Minnie vans”. These vans are reportedly going to cost $20 flat fee to go anywhere on property. We discuss whether or not this is a transportation option we’d use or if we’d keep using other (Uber/Lyft/cab/etc…) options and what Disney might do to affect that decision.

Disney has also announced that Toy Story Land will officially open in Summer 2018.

A new theater is scheduled to be built on Main Street in Magic Kingdom as a venue for live shows like the Hyperion in Anaheim. What types of shows might we see there?

Finally, Disneyland is getting a change in California Adventure with the re-theme of Paradise Pier to Pixar Pier. We discuss how they might decide to re-theme the existing attractions and whether or not a certain dance party might come along for the ride…

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